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fitting and supplied, covered by warranty

Towbars are fitted by our manufacturer trained personnel and are only supplied from premium manufacturers.

These are, A1Towing, Brink, Bosal, Tow Trust, Witter and Westfalia.

Choose from flange, swan neck or detachable towbars and for the newer vehicle a range of vehicle specific wiring kits which ensure vehicle warranty is not affected.

We are a member of the National Trailer and Towing Association. Our work is undertaken to meet their Quality Assured Accreditation.

However for a quote for your exact requirements please contact by telephone on 01472 276155 or by contact us below and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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Who do we supply from?

We only supply our towbars from prestigious well-known manufacturers, to find out more click on a manufacturer's logo below.





A1 Towing

A1 Towing





Our Towbar Types


Fixed Towbar

A fixed towbar is a towbar that is permanently attached to a vehicle. This makes it easy to use because it is always available, whereas a detachable towbar is not.

The fixed towbar is often chosen by drivers who use the towbar regularly or who want a good solution for the most reasonable price.


Detachable Towbar

A large number of towbars sold nowadays are of the detachable type. The beam assembly is similar to that of a traditional towbar, however, the towball on the front of the crossbeam is replaced with a fitting for attaching a detachable towbar.

This allow a detachable towbar to be easily attached and is only attached when required.


Retractable Towbar

The retractable towbar is pure luxury. With one movement you can us, but also store the towbar.

The towbar is as safe and strong as a fixed towbar however it is not available for each type of car.

Be aware not all towbars are available for all vehicles.

Used Vans

We completely specialise in used vans and can find the perfect van for your needs.

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We can also provide and fit towbars from multiple prestigious towbar manufacturers.

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