Find all  about your choices when buying a tow.
Below are details of the differnt types of towbars and electrical connections.

Fixed Towbars

A fixed towbar is a towbar that is permanently attached to a vehicle. This makes it easy to use because it it always available whereas a detachable towbar is not. The fixed towbar is oftebn chosen by drivers who use the tow frequently or who want a good solution for the most reasonable price. 

Flange Towbars

A flange towbar , like the fixed swan neck shown above, that is permanently attached to a vehicle .It has a removable tow ball.  Mainly fitted to vans and pickups but is also available for many cars. It enables different types of towball to be fitted or a spacer block for accessories such as the original Scott stabiliser and some types of cycle rack.

Detachable Towbars

A large number of towbars sold today are of ther detachable type. The beam assembly is similar to that of a conventional towbar however, the towball on the front of the crossbeam is replaced with a fitting for attaching a detachable towbar neck. A detachable towbar is only attached when required. Preferred by many users today to improve the look of their car and reduce the vehicle overall length when using restricted parking.

Retractable Towbars

With a retractable towbar your boot lid is easy to reach and your boot easy to load with a retractable towbar, as there’s no towbar in the way during loading and unloading. Another advantage is that the retractable towbar is maintenance-free. The ball is always connected to the sleeve, ensuring not dirt is left behind. Due to this, the retractable towbar combines all features of both the fixed and detachable towbars.
Please not available for all vehicles

Dedicated wiring kits

There are many reasons to choose for
vehicle specific wiring kits.
A few advantages:
Maintains Manufacturer’s warranty;
Reliable connections which function faultlessly for many years;
Modules  compatible with the electronic system in the vehicle;
No risk on damaging the vehicle wiring.

Check out more FAQ’s from ECS one of our suppliers.

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None dedicated wiring kits

These kits are often used on a wide range of cars.
The kits are cheaper than a dedicated wiring kit and use a universal control module within the wiring.
The kits are not designed for one specific vehicle.
Some modern vehicles have complicated systems and the universal kit is not recommended for these vehicle. Our advisor will guide you on the options for your vehicle.